A pretty solution to my bad habit

22 Jan

I’m an artist. It’s just who I am. All the things that I do have something to do with my artistic nature. One of the things that I do is paint. Well, I have to confess, I have a very bad habit when it comes to painting…I leave my brushes sitting in the water too long. The problem with that, in case you aren’t a painter, is that it destroys the bristles. They literally get bent out of shape!

I recently spent, ahem, several hundred dollars on new paint brushes (didn’t throw the old ones away ’cause, how could I). I admitted to the manager of the art supply store my shameful secret, and she recommended getting a water dish that is too shallow to let the brushes stand up in. I’ve always known she was brilliant, but that one was quite spectacular.

I guess I could have used an old plastic container, or a glass baby food jar, or…something, but, I can’t do that. I went to one of my favorite antiques stores (Carriage House Antiques, James Island), and bought an antique salt. It’s a silver base and came with a beautiful cobalt glass insert (originally intended to hold the salt) and works perfectly. I can pull the glass out to change out the water, and I can’t stand my brushes up in it. Bad habit, broken!

P.S. I also discovered that soaking the bristles of a brush with paint dried onto it in Murphy’s Oil Soap (overnight) can rescue the brush from total ruin. Good one to keep in my back pocket!

Paint Pot (Salt)


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