The Orchard: A Memoir

22 Mar

The Great Depression yielded so many stories of the will of the human spirit to triumph over the adversities of the era. Brave men and women, struggling just to make it through the day. One such woman, Adele Crockett Robertson, kept a diary of her attempts to keep her family’s orchard going after the sudden death of her father. Triumphs, tragedies, and lessons learned fill this slight volume with laughter, tears, and awe. A beautiful, quick read, it unfortunately closes with an abrupt end to the narrative…like so many personal journals I (and I’m sure others) have started and unceremoniously abandoned. There is a lackluster epilogue tacked on to the end of the story, written after Ms. Robertson’s death by her daughter. If I were to share this book with someone (which I am likely to do since I somehow acquired two copies), I would recommend that the reader skip the epilogue all together and simply accept that, as a diary, the story ends the last time Ms.Robertson  wrote an entry.

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