A Note on Recent Events

20 Apr

In all the craziness of this week, there is something that has been re-enforced for me…”breaking news” is a pseudonym for “rampant speculation”. It was very disheartening to hear, over and over, news anchors say, “well, we don’t know for certain but…here’s this totally out there idea.” All this speculation does is foster conspiracy theories and confusion that will never truly go away.

Consequently, I chose to remain out of the breaking news cycle. I found that, once I was apprised of any truly breaking news (you know, the kind that happens when you’re asleep), there was really no point in any further news seeking. It’s just as bad online…and I don’t even have a twitter account!

All I choose to say is, my thoughts are with all the victims and I am glad that the second suspect was caught alive, at least we may have some opportunity to find out what these young men really thought they were doing.

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