Holiday Inn (1942)

08 May

Boy, Girl, Boy singing and dancing group. One boy, Jim (Bing Crosby), decides to settle down with the girl, Lila (Virginia Dale), marrying her and moving to Connecticut, leaving the New York rat race…especially working on holiday’s. Lila stands up Jim and stays in New York with Ted (Fred Astaire) to keep on performing. Jim moves to Connecticut anyway…and hates farming. He meets a new girl, Linda (Marjorie Reynolds), and they join forces to open a Holiday Inn- literally only open on holiday’s. Lila runs off with a millionaire, leaving Ted high and dry. Ted goes to Connecticut, hi-jinks ensue as he steals Linda from Jim, and away to Hollywood. Jim, depressed at Thanksgiving, heads to Hollywood to track down Linda. He locks Ted up and takes his place at the piano where he and Linda sing “White Christmas” together. She agrees to marry him after all…and Lila, having found her millionaire lacking, returns to join Ted in their dance show again. Hooray! Every boy has a girl, every girl has a boy!

An Irving Berlin feature, Holiday Inn is most notable for being the first use of the song “White Christmas”, later used in my favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas (1954). It also features the song “Easter Parade”, first heard in the Broadway review As Thousands Cheer (1933). Nice song and dance numbers are seen throughout the film but, a black-face performance, and a stereotypical “Mamie” character, Mamie (Louise Beavers), strikingly showcase just how prevalent this type of racism was in society at this time, and made me very uncomfortable as I was watching, literally cringing as the beautiful Ms. Beavers came on the screen, thinking about how much more they could have done with her if they had been aware of the waste of talent they were perpetuating. Thankfully, Ms. Beavers did have periodic times to shine in her career…read her bio (linked above) for more!

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