Been a While…Louis (2011)

20 Aug

I haven’t posted in a while, moving is exhausting and all consuming! Just as I felt settled in, I started designing costumes for not one, but two shows…crazy busy, just how I like it. Speaking of things I like, there’s a charming movie from 2011 called Louis.

A fanciful, dance and jazz filled tale fantastical tale of the early life of Louis Armstrong, Louis is well worth watching. It is a silent film with a beautiful soundtrack by the incomparable Wynton Marsalis and Cecile Licad. To call it a silent film is a bit of a misnomer, as Marsalis and Licad use their respective instruments to “talk” in the stead of any dialogue. This is a brilliant element of the film, so unique and interesting. The absolutely gorgeous and aptly named Grace (Shanti Lowry), dances her way through her part as a prostitute with a baby she adores completely. Judge Perry (Jackie Earle Haley) is running for office…and doesn’t want anyone finding out that he is the father of Grace’s baby. Haley is officially my favorite male actor, here he plays the Chaplinesque public official with aplomb. Louis (Anthony Coleman), is a plucky kid who just wants to play jazz, rising above his surroundings, influenced by it but not jaded by it. He is intrigued by Grace, and this leads him on quite a few adventures. This film is lovely, imaginative, and beautifully crafted.

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