Underwear Rant

13 Feb

I don’t understand how, with nearly a century modern “underwear”, it still fits so badly. We all know women complain about bras. No matter how comfortable a bra is at the start of the day, you will be desperate to get it off at the end. My real pet peeve, though, are panties. Why, oh why, must they ride up? It doesn’t matter the cut, boy short, cheekster, granny-panty, or thong, it will be up your butt at some point in the day. It’s such a pain! Do men have this kind of problem? I mean, boxers are just a pair of shorts away from going commando, but, do men who wear tightie whities have the same problem? And, if they don’t, why can’t women’s undies use the same system to keep them in place? Inquiring minds want to know!

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