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Vintage Baby Photos

I’m attracted to vintage photographs, especially of babies and children. Here are two that make me smile:

Naked Baby Butt Baby in a Bathtub

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A pretty solution to my bad habit

I’m an artist. It’s just who I am. All the things that I do have something to do with my artistic nature. One of the things that I do is paint. Well, I have to confess, I have a very bad habit when it comes to painting…I leave my brushes sitting in the water too long. The problem with that, in case you aren’t a painter, is that it destroys the bristles. They literally get bent out of shape!

I recently spent, ahem, several hundred dollars on new paint brushes (didn’t throw the old ones away ’cause, how could I). I admitted to the manager of the art supply store my shameful secret, and she recommended getting a water dish that is too shallow to let the brushes stand up in. I’ve always known she was brilliant, but that one was quite spectacular.

I guess I could have used an old plastic container, or a glass baby food jar, or…something, but, I can’t do that. I went to one of my favorite antiques stores (Carriage House Antiques, James Island), and bought an antique salt. It’s a silver base and came with a beautiful cobalt glass insert (originally intended to hold the salt) and works perfectly. I can pull the glass out to change out the water, and I can’t stand my brushes up in it. Bad habit, broken!

P.S. I also discovered that soaking the bristles of a brush with paint dried onto it in Murphy’s Oil Soap (overnight) can rescue the brush from total ruin. Good one to keep in my back pocket!

Paint Pot (Salt)


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12 Days of Christmas

A lot of people assume that the “12 Days of Christmas” refers to the twelve days leading up to Christmas. It doesn’t, that time is known as Advent. What the song talks about are the twelve days between Christmas and Epiphany (Three Kings Day) which is January 6th. So, “my true love” is giving successively ostentatious gifts on the way to the celebration of the day that the Wise Men brought gifts to the baby Jesus (traditionally).

I always leave my tree up until Epiphany…well, truth be told, it came down in February last year! I like the tree to look sophisticated and I love vintage elements. I bought a bunch of vintage skeleton keys, tied a red ribbon to them, and those are my primary decoration for my tree. Check it out:

Vintage Keys as Ornaments

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